Mistress Sabine’s Mission

Mistress Sabine’s mission is to create a safe space to educate, reform and enhance one’s ability to serve and obey. The art of submission is one Sabine eagerly longs to cultivate in Her slaves, no matter the circumstance or distance. Through St. Jacks Reformatory your fantasy of submission can become reality, the Mistress will make you remember the arousing draw of your darkest kink.

St. Jacks Reformatory for Wayward Boys utilizes Mistress Sabine’s skills, techniques and years of BDSM/kink practice to create unique and original tasks, programs and lessons. Mistress Sabine has used many of the techniques found in Her programs on Her subs and slaves in live sessions, ensuring each and every task will force your surrender.


The art of submission is one of strength. With the help of the St. Jacks Reformatory for Wayward boys, you can further develop your inner submissive with the proper education, acceptance, and understanding. Through online training, you will now be able to submit from any location. Your circumstances no longer need to inhibit your servitude.


St. Jacks Reformatory provides distinguished online slave training programs designed personally by Mistress Sabine to allow you to take an in-depth look at what it means to submit, obey, and serve your Mistress.


The Mistress will use Her 7+ years of experience with BDSM/kink to educate, reform and mold you into a better slave, ensuring you fully understand what it means to serve, obey and submit to an Alpha Female. Those who graduate with high marks will garner the opportunity to continue serving the Mistress after graduation as Her personal slave.