Free Training

Don’t let circumstance get in the way of your submission or BDSM education. Whether you are yearning to become a more obedient slave, want to be reformed into a better member of society or simply want to learn more about BDSM; Mistress Sabine will ensure you are educated in the art of submission, servitude, and BDSM.

Enroll today in St. Jack’s Reformatory for Wayward boys and become one of Mistress Sabine’s devoted students. Those who enroll in one of Sabine’s Free online programs will walk away with a better understanding of BDSM and the art of servitude. Your lessons will prepare you mentally, physically and emotionally to forsake your ego and admire, submit, and serve The Mistress.

St. Jack’s Reformatory for Wayward boys utilizes Mistress Sabine’s skills, techniques and years of BDSM/kink practice to create unique and original programs. Mistress Sabine has used many of the techniques found in Her programs on Her subs and slaves in live sessions, ensuring each and every task will force your surrender.

Free Training
Discover your next obsession

The programs found below are free to all slaves, subs, sissies and other kinksters over the age of 18. All free programs are designed by Mistress Sabine and will ensure you walk away with a better understanding of your submission. Free programs are not one on one, personalized experiences (those are called Premium/Online Slavery) but are a collection of the information, knowledge and experience Mistress Sabine has learned over the years as a Dominatrix. Free programs are intended to give a snapshot as to what it looks like to receive the guidance and support to further explore your kinky side.

If you are looking for one on one time or personalized training, check out the Premium and Online Slavery section.


These tasks are designed for those who are too far away, inhibited by other circumstances, or need the proper training and preparation to serve your Mistress.

If you are a novice submissive, sissy, fetishist, masochist, slave, or other bottoms, these tasks will provide you with the foundation to serve, worship, obey, surrender and submit yourself to Mistress Sabine. This program will provide you with an understanding of how to be a better slave.
You will learn what it takes to surrender yourself to a powerful, dominant Woman while becoming a more productive and focused member of society.

If you have served Sabine in a virtual session before, but feel you need to submit and serve Her even more, this program will allow you to fully surrender to your Mistress. This program is designed for those who are familiar with online domination, online slave training, slave tasks, and those who are new to these concepts.

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Have you longed for the sweet taste of your own nectar? Do you wish you had the courage to drink your own nectar after you masturbate? Join the girls club and learn how you can take your sissy training to the next level with Mistress Sabine as your guide.

This program will teach all sissies the Art of Cum Eating. Through various tasks, you will learn how to harness your most powerful weapon as a sissy and ingest the sweet nectar your beautiful body offers. You will be subjected to mind control using Erotic Hypnosis created by Mistress Sabine along with other arousing techniques learned from Her many years of practice turning slaves into sissies.

You will learn the feminine Art of Cum Eating from Mistress Sabine who has partnered up with Her most prized sissy slave to ensure each task will get you one step closer to the sweet, satisfactory taste that is your sissy nectar.

This program is ideal for all sissies who long to master the Art of Cum Eating. Come learn what it means to be part of the girls club. You will build up your confidence as a sissy while Mistress Sabine teaches you how to properly dispose of your cum.

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Sissy CEI
Public Humiliation


Do you enjoy the thought of completing slave tasks then posting your efforts to social media? Perhaps you find yourself craving a more exciting way to serve your Mistress? In this program, you will be asked to push your comfort zone, your body and your personal limits. If the idea of ‘getting caught’ arouses you, this program will make you quiver with excitement.

Public Humiliation will teach you the Art of Submission through various slave tasks. Throughout this program, you will be asked to complete tasks which will all be posted to social media. This program will not incorporate nonconsenting people but will conduct all tasks privately then be posted by you to social media for the world to see. You will be publicly exposed for Mistress Sabine’s amusement.

This program is similar to ‘Slave Tasks’ but will focus on tasks that are posted to social media to ensure you feel humiliated, yet liberated through your exhibitionism. You will be required to post humiliating photos of yourself on the Mistress’ Sabine Twitter page- ensuring you are exposed and publicly humiliated for Her pleasure. Each task will require you to focus on your servility and the complete surrender of your ego. You will serve, obey and submit to Mistress Sabine St. Jack

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