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Don’t let circumstances get in the way of your submission or BDSM education. Whether you are yearning to become a more obedient submissive, want to be reformed into a better member of society or simply want to learn more about BDSM; Mistress Sabine will ensure you are educated in the art of submission, servitude, and BDSM.

Enroll today in St. Jack’s Reformatory for Wayward boys and become one of Mistress Sabine’s devoted students. Those who enroll in one of Sabine’s online programs will walk away with a better understanding of BDSM and the art of servitude. Your lessons will prepare you mentally, physically and emotionally to forsake your ego and admire, submit, and serve The Mistress.

St. Jack’s Reformatory for Wayward boys utilizes Mistress Sabine’s skills, techniques and years of BDSM/kink practice to create unique and original programs. Mistress Sabine has used many of the techniques found in Her programs on Her subs in live sessions, ensuring each and every task will force your surrender.

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Free programs are open to all kinksters over the age of 18. Free Programs do not require a payment to enroll. Once enrolled you may begin your course right away. After enrollment, you will automatically be redirected to the page associated with your new course. All paid programs are run through this website and will require you to be logged into your account to engage with your course.


The Mistress knows you are looking for an escape, a path towards acceptance and understanding. She will make you remember how arousing your suppressed and dark sexual fantasies truly are. You will no longer need to fight the urge to submit, for this is just the beginning. Once you step into Her world, you will become addicted. The Mistress knows you’ve visited many other FemDom sites, this is not your first stop, but Mistress Sabine will be the only one capable of making you an addict.

An addict of Mistress Sabine and Her world, your addiction will only grow once you complete this program, you will soon find yourself trying to resist the urge to continue serving Her. Your addiction will only be satiated by Her attention.

3,951 subs have taken this course
Course Intensity Rating: 2.5/5

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Soon you will become addicted, corrupt with the explosive arousal of sexual liberation while under the watchful eye of Mistress Sabine. You will long for the sexual salvation she offers, you will crave nothing more than to please her through your actions. The progression of your sissification journey through this course will only be the start. After you graduate you will crave the Mistress’ attention and affections. No one will ever understand or accept your sissy side more than Mistress Sabine. You will become addicted, tread lightly my friend.

You will be subjected to mind control using Erotic Hypnosis created by Mistress Sabine along with other arousing techniques learned from Her many years of practice turning ‘alphas’ into sissies.

3,266 subs have taken this course
Course Intensity Rating: 2.5/5

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Prepare for what’s to come as you encourage your sissy self to get comfortable while out in the world as you complete various experiences to learn how to become a sissy slut. This course will provide the context for practicing many sissy activities that are all a ‘must’ if you expect yourself to one day fulfill your fantasy of becoming a slutty gurl and sucking a bull’s cock- as any good gurl should do. The Mistress knows you are a cock hungry slut, but can you really say you’re prepared for the day you’re given the opportunity to embrace your cock-hungry nature?

Practice makes perfect, especially when a sissy is striving to be her sluttiest self. This online course will prepare the cock obsessed sissy on how she can get accustomed to her new sissy slut objective.

3,783 subs have taken this course
Course Intensity Rating: 4/5

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Do you enjoy the thought of completing BDSM tasks then posting your efforts to social media? Perhaps you find yourself craving a more exciting way to serve your Mistress? In this program, you will be asked to push your comfort zone, your body and your personal limits. If the idea of ‘getting caught’ arouses you, this program will make you quiver with excitement.

Public Humiliation will teach you the Art of Submission through various BDSM tasks. Throughout this program, you will be asked to complete tasks that will all be posted to social media. This program will not incorporate non-consenting people but will conduct all tasks privately then be posted by you to social media for the world to see. You will be publicly exposed for Mistress Sabine’s amusement.

2,939 subs have taken this course
Course Intensity Rating: 3/5

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Premium programs are open to all kinksters over the age of 18. Premium programs are application based and require payments to be made if your application is accepted. All Premium programs operate directly with the Mistress and utilize email, this site and KIK to operate.

Due to the popularity of Premium Programs, the Mistress is not currently taking new application. The demand is high and Mistress Sabine only has a set amount of available slots for each premium Program.

Total Power Exchange

Are you a slutty sissy who has longed to be feminized and forced to suck cock for your Mistress’ pleasure? Are you a submissive who needs to relinquish control and do everything your Mistress commands? Are you a sub who needs to be under the strict regime of a Mistress who will teach you, punish you, give you pleasure, and torment your body for her amusement? If you identified with any of those questions, TPE is for you.

Total Power Exchange will provide you the platform to give absolute control of your life, kinky fantasies, and submission and to the Mistress. This online program is designed for those who need to feel the total control of Mistress Sabine’s Domination.

For those interested in Total Power Exchange, the Mistress’s word is law! All decisions are made by the Mistress and will be the absolute guiding principles as it relates to your submission. Mistress Sabine will assume complete and total control over you as a sub, beta, sissy, kinkster, fetishist or other bottom.

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Body Image Training

The most common request Mistress Sabine receives from subs, is if she can help them achieve their ideal body. Body image training is a goal-oriented online program for subs who need to achieve the goal of reshaping, rethinking and adjusting their body image while being beholden to Mistress Sabine. You will finally be held accountable for your actions.

For those who wish to lose weight, gain muscle, set a workout routine or change their habits, this program will ensure you can work towards your best self while giving over total control to the Mistress.

Punishments will be required ensuring you submit mentally and physically to achieve your goals. You will be under the watchful eye of the Mistress to guarantee you are held responsible for your new lifestyle while she guides you to a place of complete surrender.

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Couples Training is designed for couples from all around the world who are interested in furthering their understanding of female domination, BDSM and how kink can act as an avenue of acceptance, love, generosity, and desire within their relationship. In this program, couples will work together with Mistress Sabine to empower the female and arouse a strong sense of kinky, female-led domination from within. This program will encourage couples to engage in learning the art of Domination and submission together!

As a woman, your sex is your power. Mistress Sabine will teach all-woman how they can harness their Dominance to explore their sex in a more fulfilling and fun manner within their D/s dynamic. The Mistress will guide your sexy exploration while bringing you closer to your partner. Good kink within a relationship can create a strong bond built upon trust, desire, exploration, and growth.

As a woman, it’s time you own your sex.

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