Couples Training

  • Overview

Couples Training is designed for couples from all around the world who are interested in furthering their understanding of female domination, BDSM and how kink can act as an avenue of acceptance, love, generosity, and desire within their relationship. In this program, couples will work together with Mistress Sabine to empower the female and arouse a strong sense of kinky, female-led domination from within.

This program will encourage couples to engage in learning the art of Domination and submission together! You will focus on empowering the woman/Domme and educating both partners to explore, express and own their role in the D/s dynamic.

As a woman, your sex is your power. Mistress Sabine will teach all-woman how they can harness their Dominance to explore their sex in a more fulfilling and fun manner within their D/s dynamic. The Mistress will guide your sexy exploration while bringing you closer to your partner. Good kink within a relationship can create a strong bond built upon trust, desire, exploration, and growth.

As a woman, it’s time you own your sex.

This program is open to those who are new to D/s or are veterans of the art but wish to explore their roles with Mistress Sabine. If you and your partner want to develop or strengthen your D/s dynamic, the Mistress will act as a guiding hand to help develop your roles with each other. Through various activities, reflections and tasks you will strengthen your D/s relationship with your partner.

  • Duration

The duration of your time with the Mistress will depend on your needs and your finances. Couples Training with Mistress Sabine can last from 1 week to 6 months with the option of renewal.

This program will require commitment, time, patience and devotion from both people and is designed to teach the Female how to achieve your ideal D/s relationship while re-focusing your mutual goals. Couples who cannot uphold their financial obligations will be dismissed and interactions will cease. In this program, your communication and interactions with Mistress Sabine will be substantial to ensure you and your partner reach your D/s goal.

After the completion of your journey, if you, your partner and the Mistress wish to renew your experience, you may.

  • Cost

Weekly payments are required if your application is accepted. An application fee of $10 is required, all other payments will only be made if you are accepted into this program.

If you expect Mistress Sabine to give you her time and attention, you must be prepared to compensate her. Your financial obligations are based upon your needs, the more time and interactions you desire, the higher the price. You will be expected to submit financially, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Those who do best in this program are the ones who understand the Mistress’s time is valuable and that the time and energy she extends to you should be well recognized.

All interactions with the Mistress will be dependant on your Sunday payment. Because the Mistress accepts Credit Cards and a wide array of payments, those who feel the need to badger the Mistress with excuses for not paying will be dismissed.

  • Reward

For the lucky couples who are permitted to strengthen their D/s relationship through Couples Training with Mistress Sabine, they will…

  • Have a better idea of what an FLR can look like
  • Have a better understanding of the fundamentals of a healthy D/s dynamic
  • Learn what it means for a Female Dominant to rule
  • Have a stronger relationship with their partner

  • Details

  • Your $10 application fee will not count towards your weekly payments and is non-refundable
  • Couples Training is completely customized for each couple and curated by the Mistress
  • Goals, expectations, protocols, punishments, and rewards will all be unique to your D/s dynamic and pre-established rules
  • You will have a direct line to the Mistress through KIK + Emails
  • You both may remain anonymous for the duration of this course
  • Hard/soft limits must be disclosed in the application form below. If you fail to include a hard/soft limit, you are not providing a safe arena for Couples Training
  • All payments are due every Sunday before 11:59 am (Pacific Time). If you fail to pay, you will no longer have the luxury of interacting with the Mistress.
  • Payments can be made using a CC, Debit card, Amazon gift card (except in the instance of the ‘Monetary Escrow’ collateral)
  • Mistress Sabine is not a certified couples trainer, through her years as a ProDomme, she has worked with couples online and in real-time before she retired from live sessions
  • You and your partner will work together towards your D/s goals. This means you both must have a desire to complete Couples Training.

Couples Testimonials

A beautifully crafted experience with Mistress Sabine St. Jack.

My husband and I are delighted we’ve found such a wonderful resource for our explorations. Finding a woman (Dominatrix, therapist or otherwise) who wants to create a healthy context for BDSM between deserving couples is truly a blessing. My husband and I are so thankful to the Mistress, she has really taught us about our strengths and all the power of the female in a FLR. We have tried a female-led relationship many times over 20 years but always fell out of the groove, with the Mistress we worked hard (she worked very hard) to develop a plan that we both feel is going to be long-lasting.

Again, thank you, Mistress Sabine, for your suggestions and guidance, out sex life and everyday life is more fulfilled because of you.

-Susan and mike

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  • Weekly payments required
  • Online one on one contact with the Mistress
  • Open to couples in a Female-led D/s dynamic
  • Individual goals tailored to your D/s relationship
  • Open to those who wish to learn or strengthen their D/s relationship
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