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Anyone (male or female) over the age of 18 can enroll in any program. Those who have a true desire to submit and surrender to Mistress Sabine will do well.

If you are looking for an escape from the mundane or obsess about learning how to be a better submissive while serving Mistress Sabine, enroll today. Those who enroll themselves at St. Jacks Reformatory find they learn more about their dark vices while having the honor of serving a true Dominatrix.

How to Enroll
  • Find your way to the main menu and click on ‘All Programs’
  • Select your desired course
  • Read the full description to ensure the course works for you
  • Enroll or Apply (depending on your course)
  • After enrollment, you will be automatically redirected to your course homepage
  • Serve, obey, submit!
  • Enslave yourself

    Learn how to serve and become an accomplished submissive. The exclusive world of Mistress Sabine can now be yours. You no longer need to wander the dark web in search of the perfect Mistress- Mistress Sabine will open the secret, kinky doors you have always longed to explore.


The cost of enrollment at St. Jack’s Reformatory for Wayward boys varies depending on your program selection. Some programs are free to enroll + 1 tip stop which are intended to give you the opportunity to get the Mistress’ attention and impress while learning about your submission. Tip stops happen once per course and give you the option to send $0, $5, $10, $20, $50, or $100. Other programs (Premium) will require you to buy the program and will cost more, this is because these courses will give you a direct line to the Mistress and personalized online interactions daily or weekly depending on your needs. For some programs there are certain items you will need to purchase (if you do not already own the items). Be sure to read the course description before you enroll to see if you have all the necessary materials.

Each program will lay out your financial obligations to ensure you can properly commit to your program. Mistress Sabine’s aim is to educate and reform Her subs, not bankrupt them.


How to Enroll

To enroll yourself in any program at St. Jacks Reformatory for Wayward boys, find your desired course and read all about it. Free courses will enroll you instantly while premium courses are based upon the acceptance of your application. If you apply for a premium course the Mistress will review your application before you can serve. Click on the button below to view all programs offered at St. Jacks Reformatory.

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Who Creates The Programs?

Mistress Sabine St. Jack has used Her many years as a Dominatrix, Hypnotists, and Pro Domme to write each and every program. When you enroll in one of Mistress Sabine’s programs, you know Her authority will properly guide your submission. The Mistress enjoys taking the time to create a kinky yet educational atmosphere for her subs.

Can I see a few examples/testimonials?

Testimonials from graduated subs can be found on the description page for each course at the bottom. You can also view Mistress Sabine’s Twitter accounts to see tasks/activities posted by various enrolled subs. Twitter accounts to check out: @Sabine_StJack @StJack_Training

Who Can Enroll?

Anyone over the age of 18 of any gender can enroll. Each program Mistress Sabine creates is curated with betas, sissies, fetishists, lurkers, submissives and all other bottoms in mind. Those who do not identify with their submissive side are encouraged to enroll and explore.

What Happens After I Enroll?

After you complete your enrollment form or fill out your application for a premium course, you will automatically be redirected to the appropriate page. If you enroll in a free course, you will be automatically enrolled and redirected to your course homepage which will allow for instant access to all content/assignments in your program. When you enroll in a course you are automatically creating an account on this site which will hold all the links, pages and access points you need to complete your training. Premium courses are based upon applications and only subs who are accepted by the Mistress will have access.

After your enrollment is complete you will receive a welcome email with your username and password along with more information on how to navigate the site and your Account. Be sure to check the spam folder.

For any and all questions or concerns, email slave chloe at school@submittosabine.com