What is an exposed submissive?

It’s time to admit your sex is obsessive, devious, and corrupt. You have these cravings, fantasies, and needs that you cannot explain. You have tried to talk yourself out of exposing your information and photos online but you keep coming back to the same conclusion- it must be done.

It’s true, you can expose yourself on any number of sites but you are here for a reason. You need to feel the acceptance of your sex from Mistress Sabine. To be exposed by Mistress Sabine means you have earned her acceptance and that your devious fantasy can land safely in her domain.

Mistress Sabine finds pleasure in revealing your dark fantasies to the world. Those who crave the arousal, humiliation, and risk of being caught online should apply. If you want to play with fire and risk it all in the name of your sexual desires, become an exposed sub.

Does it cost money to be exposed?

Mistress Sabine will expose you for free. If you want to get Mistress Sabine’s attention, consider sending her a tribute to show just how excited you are about being exposed. You do not need to create an account or enroll in a course to apply for the position of an exposed submissive. For subs who want to have their information and photos removed from the Mistress’ sites and social media pages, they can do so for a fee of $50 per photo. While this will remove their content from the Mistress’ sites it cannot guarantee it is removed from the entirety of the Internet.

How to become an exposed submissive

Do I need to show my face?

No, each submissive has their own fantasy about what it means to be exposed. Some enjoy showing their face and giving ample information and others prefer to reveal less. Being exposed is a unique experience for each sub. Reveal as much or as little as you want.

Why do I need to apply to be exposed?

There are many subs who wish to acquire the coveted position of being exposed and accepted into Mistress Sabine’s domain. The Mistress only selects those who present the most compelling photos and gain her attention through their submissive actions. Many ask to be exposed, but not all are worthy of the attention.

Who is that with you in the photo above?

Mistress Sabine St. Jack and slave chloe are pictured above. If you want to learn more about the lifestyle of Mistress Sabine and her devoted plaything, consider joining them in the Members Lounge.

I still have a few questions…

Great, check out the FAQ page for more information.

Exposed subs


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