Mistress May I?

‘Mistress May I?’ is a free task oriented game built by Mistress Sabine for betas, sissies, submissives, and kinksters. These free tasks are fun, spontaneous and kinky.

These tasks are a great way to get the Mistress’ attention, become obsessed and go down the rabbit hole that is serving Mistress Sabine. Impress the Mistress with your submissive skills, she will be watching.

This game will give you various and random tasks to complete, all of which can be posted to Twitter to show off your new kinky obsession. These tasks are light-hearted in nature and involve kinky activities that correspond with serving Mistress Sabine, sissification, slave training, financial domination, hypnosis, humiliation, pain, and pleasure.

Scroll down to begin playing!

How to Play Mistress May I?

Click on the photo deck of slave chloe. Each time you click on the photo, you will be given a new task, challenge or game. There are over 130 different tasks which will be focused on chastity, sissification, humiliation, findom, slave training and serving Mistress Sabine.

All tasks are free for all slaves to enjoy!

Who Can Play Mistress May I?

Any slave (sissy, sub, slave, kinkster, fetishist or other bottom) may play the game. There is no obligation on your end except to have fun!

Is It Free?

Yes, Mistress May I? is free to play. There are some tasks related to Financial Domination but if that is not your thing, feel free to skip. Just remember those cards present a privileged opportunity to get the Mistress’ attention with your generosity.

Click on slave chloe to begin playing!

Keep clicking on the deck for new tasks.

Practice edging yourself. The more horny you are, the more I am entertained.