Dear slave…

“You have now been presented with a choice, you can go back to your mundane life or you can explore your dark, hidden desires with me. Will you take the path of submissive discovery or will you go back to the routine, the dull and the vanilla world that leaves you dissatisfied?”

Why be an owned Online Slave?

For those who want to further their submission, Online Slavery will give you access to Mistress Sabine, her Dominance, her skills and her years of expertise in the training of slaves. Online Slaves often come to Mistress Sabine for a more personalized slave training experience, they want a one-on-one connection with the Mistress, they long for tasks which are personalized or they simply want to be recognized and owned by Mistress Sabine.

How it works

Bring meaning, purpose, and acceptance to your submission.

Do you long to be Mistress Sabine’s personal owned Online Slave? Have you completed one of her premium programs but still crave the attention of Mistress Sabine? If you want to continue serving Mistress Sabine as her devoted Online slave, apply today.

Mistress Sabine is selective about who can serve, obey and submit to her in such a personal manner. If you are a slave who can enrich the Mistress’s life through online servitude, you will be considered for the coveted role of her owned personal online slave.

Owned Online slaves will receive special attention and tasks to be completed to amuse, entertain and please the Mistress. For those who can demonstrate their devout submission for the Mistress, they will earn the potential to become perminantly owned slaves. Perminantly owned slaves are marked with a token of ownership to demonstrate their submission to the Mistress. She will own your mind and body if you serve her well.

Slave Testimony

As many other slaves have done I am sure, I first enrolled in Mistress Sabine’s ‘Pubic Humiliation’ course. Honestly, I was so scared just to enroll there that the idea of serving the Mistress after as her personal slave was very scary. Throughout the initial course I took I found myself craving to hear more of Mistress Sabine’s voice. I was feeling like a small part of me was finally able to open up and be free. The arousal I felt overwhelmed me, for the first time I really felt like I was seen and understood for my submissive side.
I have been in the FemDom online scene for a while and have served under many different Dominas but Mistress Sabine made it too hard to turn away after my first course. I have never paid to serve a Mistress in this way before, but I get it. Mistress Sabine takes a lot of time to make sure your submission can grow and develop under her dominance and guidance. It feels like a lot of money but it is an investment in my sub side which has never been properly taken care of. I am beginning to feel like the me I have always wanted.
slave 9Q

Wow! To know I am under the guidance of Mistress Sabine amazes me every day. I have never felt so accepted in my life! Mistress Sabine genuinely wants me to explore and cultivate my sissy side and become the best sissy I can be.

The Mistress really helped me accept myself in my vanilla day to day activities but also in my sissification. The transformation that was once an activity of shame is now so exciting and fun. I get to play dress-up while being my most adored version all while Mistress Sabine teaches me.

It really is an honor to be under her rule. She is so smart and funny, pretty and stern. The literal definition of a goddess. Through my training, I was able to extend her CEI course into accepting and eating my cum like the good little slut I really am. My world has opened up to new possibilities about how I can live it to the fullest extent.

sissy slave becky

Who can apply

Those with a genuine desire to serve a true Alpha Female may apply. You must be ready to engage with your submission to serve the Mistress while relinquishing your ego and understanding who is in control.

Because of the personal nature of Online Slavery, not all who apply will have their application accepted. To have Mistress Sabine guide your personal submission, you must be prepared to submit mentally, physically and financially.


Online Slavery works with your personal submissive needs. This means you must create the space and time for the Mistress to infiltrate your mind and body. Your one-on-one communication with Mistress Sabine means you will be expected to follow her guidance, and rules at all times. You will be seen as her property and must adhere to her domination over you. All slaves who are selected and can prove their submission is pure and giving will sign a slave contract which will bind your submission and the Mistress’s ownership over you.

The Reward

If you serve the Mistress properly, she will accept ownership over you, you will become her full-time Online Slave. If you are owned completely by Mistress Sabine, you will be expected to demonstrate your owned status through a small token given to you by the Mistress. Tokens of ownership will depend on your situation but can range from a piece of tasteful and discrete jewelry to branded skin.

The Details

  • You will have one-on-one communication with Mistress Sabine via email and text
  • If you want the honor of being Mistress Sabine’s personal slave and her property, you will be required to submit financially. Becoming Mistress Sabine’s property will start at $500/week
  • Owned Online Slaves, are akin to real life slaves

Apply to Serve

To be considered for the coveted role of Online Slave, apply using the form. Once your application has been submitted, if Mistress Sabine approves your application you will hear back from her within 48 hours. If you do not hear from the Mistress, you have not been selected to serve and become her property.

  • Cost
  • Slaves
  • Mistress

Why do I need to pay?

If you feel your servitude to Mistress Sabine is payment enough- you are dead wrong. Mistress Sabine has years of experience training slaves, it simply is not enough to believe that your servitude can act as payment for the time, energy and knowledge she gives to you.

I don't have a large budget.

Mistress Sabine offers free programs which are open to all slaves. If you cannot pay to be her Online Slave, you will not recieve Mistress Sabine’s time, attention, or training. To have the coveted role of Mistress Sabine’s property will cost you.

What are the payment options?

You can pay Mistress Sabine through various methods including: PayPal, Credit Card, Amazon Gift Cards, and Visa Prepaid Cards. You can remain anonymous when paying Mistress Sabine.

I just want to be your personal slave, can I?

Slaves from all around the world crave Mistress Sabine’s personal attention. Serving the Mistress through various tasks and activities simply is not enough. If you want the honor of serving Mistress Sabine, being trained or learning about the Art of Servitude, you must pay.

Online Slavery will give you direct access to Mistress Sabine through email, text and other social platforms. You will have one-on-one contact with the Mistress as she teaches you how to become the perfect submissive.

Do I need to reveal my identity/use my real name?

No, Online Slavery can be done with complete anonymity. You may fill the form out using your preferred slave name.

I am a man/woman/couple, can I/we be owned by you?

Mistress Sabine enjoys owning men, women, and couples. If you are a couple wishing to begin your submissive journey together, check out Mistress Sabine’s ‘Couples Training’ in the main menu too.

I am new to the world of FemDom, can I still be trained?

Yes! Those who are new to the world of Female Domination are welcomed into the kinky and wonderful world of Mistress Sabine St. Jack.

Is the Mistress qualified to train me?

Before creating St. Jacks Reformatory for Wayward boys, Mistress Sabine held live sessions with slaves, sissies, subs, and kinksters. Through these live sessions, she would select the slaves who wanted to grow in their submission and teach them how to be their best slave self as it relates to their submission.

St. Jacks Reformatory has enabled Sabine to extend the reach of her Domination and to continue utilizing her knowledge as a Dominatrix to help guide willing slaves all around the world.

Will Mistress Sabine have time to train me?

Mistress Sabine is very selective about who can become an Online Slave. This means she will always have the dedicated time to dominate you.