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As the Mistress runs around the gym’s track, you can hear her moan with exhaustion as she passes you with each lap. You can smell her sweet sweat with each lap…

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You know when you go to the gym and there’s that sexy woman dripping with sweat- well that woman is oftentimes Mistress Sabine. These panties have been graced with the opportunity of cupping the Mistress’s pussy as she works out, teasing those around her and showing the others how it’s done. These panties are the fantasy you have always dreamed of when you see that sexy woman in the gym. They get to go to the places you can only picture in your mind’s eye.

As the Mistress runs around the gym’s track, you can hear her moan with exhaustion as she passes you with each lap. You can smell her sweet sweat with each lap, you are drawn to her, embarrassed your slow pace but admire her strength. You wish you could just get one step closer…

Product Specifications

What’s Included

  • 1 pair of used gym panties

Sweaty Gym Panties

  • Material: Nylon/cotton
  • Size: Woman’s medium
  • Style: Thong

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Can you tell me more about the shop?

The Mistress enjoys knowing her subs, slaves, and bottoms have exclusive access to a curated collection of goods hand-picked by the Mistress. The Mistress’ shop is intended to enable those enrolled in a course at St. Jacks Reformatory, those who are admirers of the Mistress and all other kinksters to have access to unique items. All indulgences found in the shop are selected by the Mistress herself to ensure the items are exactly what one craves and needs. You will not find an excessive amount of items in the shop, this shop is meant to be a unique experience- one not intended for the masses, but rather for a select group of kinky explorers.

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Mistress Sabine is not a billion-dollar industry like Amazon is. Fuck off if you can’t take the pain of covering your own shipping & handling costs.

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Due to the nature of the items sold in this shop, refunds, exchanges or returns will not be accepted unless a mistake in your order has been made. Mistress Sabine knows what these items are used for, to accept returns would be preposterous.

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Shipping and handling costs are automatically calculated based on the total items in your cart along with your shipping address. The Mistress tries very hard to keep your shipping cost as low as possible.

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