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The perfect sissy starter kit personally curated by Mistress Sabine St. Jack. The Mistress will give you all the tools you need to become the perfect, ideal sissy of your dreams. Take out the guesswork of what to buy to impress the Mistress. A total of 6 items are included in this kit with 2 bonus items including an extra pair of panties plus a garter belt.

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The Mistress knows you want to impress her with your sissy style, but what could be sexier than sissifying yourself in the exact manner the Mistress wants?

This Sissy Starter Kit will help you learn how to step away from the overt sissy attire you are accustomed to and show you an alternate path to beauty, one that is curated by the Mistress herself. Within this kit, you are given a special opportunity to adorn your body in all the items the Mistress wishes to see you in. The dildo and collar have been personally tested on the Mistress’s sissy slaves during live sessions (she has since retired from live sessions) to ensure they are the exact items you need to transform into cock-hungry sissy of your dreams.

Let Mistress Sabine show you how to be an elegant, sexy, and graceful sissy.

Product Specifications

What’s Included

A total of 8 different items including

  • A personal note from the Mistress (custom text available)
  • 1 chastity cage with 5 different sized rings, 1 lock with two keys and 5 plastic numbered locks
  • 1 pair of pink lace open crotch panties
  • 1 petite pink dildo
  • 1 set of pink stockings
  • 1 vegan leather collar with a bow and adjustable nipple clamps
  • Bonus: 1 lace G-string + 1 lace garter belt

Handwritten Note with Lipstick Kiss

  • A handwritten note from the Mistress sealed with her emblem (text can be customized for an additional fee)
  • If you add custom text to your letter, be advised, due to the size of the card, you can only send 300 characters for your customized text. Your text should align with the Mistress’ values as a Dominatrix. She reserves the right to edit/change your custom text if it is disrespectful, vulgar, or does not comply with her brand.

Pink Chastity Cage (CB-6000 style)

  • Material: Hard silicon
  • Size:
    • Top shaft length: 9cm/3.54″ (approx)
    • Bottom shaft width: 6.5cm/2.26″ (approx)
    • 5 different rings: 4.9cm/1.9″, 4.6cm/1.8″, 4.3cm/1.7″, 3.8cm/1.5″, 3.5cm/1.4″ (approx)
  • 1 small metal padlock with 2 keys
  • 5 plastic numbered locks
  • 4 pins and spacers
  • Measure your clitty to ensure this will be the right fit for you

Pink Open Crotch Lace Panties

  • Material: Nylon
  • Men’s Size: One size fits bodies between 62cm-90cm/ 25″- 35inches”
  • These panties are very adjustable and tie on each side
  • Open crotch

Pink Lace Front G String (Bonus with Purchase)

  • Material: Rayon
  • Women’s Size: Medium
  • This is a bonus item included with purchase

Pink Lace Garterbelt with Suspenders (Bonus with Purchase)

  • Material: Rayon
  • Women’s Size: Medium
  • This is a bonus item included with purchase

Pink Lace Stockings

  • Material: Polyester + Spandex
  • Men’s Size: One size to fit bodies between men’s small up to extra large

Petit Pink Dildo

  • Material: Silicon
  • Size: Insertable height: 12cm/ 4.72″ | Insertable width: 2.5cm/ 4.72″ | Total height: 14cm/ 5.51″ | Base width: 5.2cm/ 2.05″
  • No suction, this is meant for handheld play

Pink Vegan Leather Collar with Nipple Clamps

  • Material: Vegan leather with metal nipple clams
  • Size: fits necks with a circumference of 31.75cm/12.5″-47.75cm/18.8″ (approx)

Shipping & Handling

  • Discreet packaging
  • Online Tracking
  • Invoice sent to your email
  • Shipping & handling costs are calculated into your total payment and displayed in your cart
  • US + International shipping
  • You can have your package sent to your home, your office, anywhere you are comfortable with
  • Due to the nature of the products, returns/refunds will not be accepted


Can you tell me more about the shop?

The Mistress enjoys knowing her subs, slaves, and bottoms have exclusive access to a curated collection of goods hand-picked by the Mistress. The Mistress’ shop is intended to enable those enrolled in a course at St. Jacks Reformatory, those who are admirers of the Mistress and all other kinksters to have access to unique items. All indulgences found in the shop are selected by the Mistress herself to ensure the items are exactly what one craves and needs. You will not find an excessive amount of items in the shop, this shop is meant to be a unique experience- one not intended for the masses, but rather for a select group of kinky explorers.

Why do I need to pay for shipping?

Mistress Sabine is not a billion-dollar industry like Amazon is. Fuck off if you can’t take the pain of covering your own shipping & handling costs.

Can I return an item/receive a refund?

Due to the nature of the items sold in this shop, refunds, exchanges or returns will not be accepted unless a mistake in your order has been made. Mistress Sabine knows what these items are used for, to accept returns would be preposterous.

How is shipping & handling calculated?

Shipping and handling costs are automatically calculated based on the total items in your cart along with your shipping address. The Mistress tries very hard to keep your shipping cost as low as possible.

Can I track my package?

Yes, once you have purchased your items you will receive information about tracking your package. All customer information including tracking, billing/shipping information, purchase history and more can be found in your customer account.

I am nervous about paying, can you tell me about the security of the site?

This site/shop is PCI compliant, this means your payments are secured through a specific set of standards, all of which enable you to have more security when paying online. To learn more about the importance of purchasing from secure and PCI compliant websites, click here.

All payments are run through 3rd party processors like, PayPal, Stripe, and apple pay to ensure your payments are secured and your information is kept safe.

I have a question that is not answered here, what should I do?

Send an email with your inquiry by clicking here.

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