Public Humiliation
  • Overview

Does amusing the Mistress through daring, risky and arousing acts peak your interest? Perhaps you find yourself craving a more exciting way to serve your Mistress? In this program, you will be asked to push your comfort zone, your body and your personal limits. If the idea of ‘getting caught’ arouses you, this program will make you quiver with excitement.

Public Humiliation will teach you the Art of Submission through various slave tasks. Throughout this program, you will be asked to complete tasks which will all be posted to social media. This program will not incorporate nonconsenting people but will conduct all tasks privately then be posted by you to social media for the world to see. You will be publicly exposed for Mistress Sabine’s amusement.

This program is similar to ‘Slave Tasks’ but will focus on tasks that are posted to social media to ensure you feel humiliated, yet liberated through your exhibitionism. You will be required to post humiliating photos of yourself on the Mistress’ Sabine Twitter page- ensuring you are exposed and publicly humiliated for Her pleasure. Each task will require you to focus on your servility and the complete surrender of your ego. You will serve, obey and submit to Mistress Sabine St. Jack

**This program is not about jerking off in public. It is about utilizing social media as a way to humiliate yourself for Mistress Sabine’s amusement. Mistress Sabine will not and does not condone illegal activities- especially as they pertain to unconsenting people.

  • Duration

This program is has 7 interactive assignments which enables slaves 1 task per day. You are given 14 days to complete all tasks. Each task will build upon the previous to ensure you are guided into full submission. You will learn how to practice your servitude while posting your progress to Mistress Sabine’s Social Media accounts.

Each task will focus on the end goal of teaching you how you can please and amuse your Mistress while still completing slave tasks to further your submission.

This program will require commitment, time, patience and devotion. This program is designed to guide your sissy surrender and will require daily tasks to be completed and logged in order to move to the next task. Each task will be given through your Slave Account through this website.

  • Cost

The cost of enrollment for this program is free, however, you will be asked to make a ‘tip stop’ along the way. Tip stops are optional and are presented to all who enroll. You will be asked to give an optional token of your appreciation for the training you are so generously given by the Mistress. Tip Stops can be skipped if you do not wish to send a tip.

If you expect Mistress Sabine to give you her time and attention, you should be prepared to give something in return. You should submit financially, physically, and mentally in your course, your training will guide you in the art of submission and how to give back to your Mistress in a way that works for you. Tip stops will occur once per course and will give you the option to send $0, $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100 to the Mistress. Tip stops are NOT mandatory but present an opportunity for you to show your appreciation.

Those who do best in this program are the ones who understand the Mistress’s time is valuable. The time and energy She extends on your training should be recognized, no one wants to associate with a selfish slave.

  • Reward

For those who are aroused by the idea of public play, public humiliation and using social media as a way to show off your slave training skills, you will enjoy this program.

By the end of this program, you will…

  • Have photos posted online of you in compromising situations
  • Feel the complete control Mistress Sabine has over your mind and body
  • Learn how to be a more submissive and educated slave
  • Understand what it means to surrender your ego for Mistress Sabine

  • Details

  • This course has been rated with a 3/5 for intensity. It has been given this rating because it requires activities to be completed and posted online. It also requires a great sense of submission, humility and desire to please
  • After you enroll, you will have 2 weeks to complete the program
  • You may interact with your tasks at any pace that works for you, but tasks will be released 24 hours after the completion of the previous task and build upon each other
  • Tasks are given through your slave account on this site
  • Most tasks will require access to a computer and a device capable of taking photos/videos
  • Open to all slaves around the world
  • All tasks will be legal. You will never be asked to do anything illegal as it is written into law in the United States. Check your countries laws if you are not certain about a particular task or assignments
  • Nonconsenting people will not be involved. This program will only revolve around YOU.

Slave Testimonials

Why did I enroll in this course? Well, the idea of pleasing Mistress Sabine became too overwhelming to ignore. I have gone through all of her free courses (this was my last one) and now I feel an overwhelming sense of duty to take every picture I took throughout my courses and use them to promote how beautiful, superior and dominating the Mistress is. That was my intention going in but now I want and crave to give her more.

Her witty interactions with me through Twitter were too fun to ignore. I only wish she had more courses. I think this was my favorite course out of the free ones, simply because it took me so far out of my usual interactions with a Mistress online. It was so great, I still feel giddy with everything I did- all in the name of serving Mistress Sabine.

-slave wall-e-cock (Los Gatos, CA)

I have always been aroused by the idea of doing whatever my Mistress commands of me no matter how uncomfortable or challenging it might be. I have submitted to Mistress’s like this in the past online and have found it to be my biggest kink. The Mistress has created such a beautiful way to get freaky and kinky all with the purpose of serving and entertaining her.

Knowing that I can put myself in compromising and embarrassing situation to put a smile on the Mistress’s face brings me the most joy. I truly enjoyed my experience and will be asking to become Mistress Sabine’s personal slave. I am hooked.

-slave peanut, denver CO

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  • Audio guided
  • Task-oriented
  • 7 slave training assignments
  • Humiliating tasks which you will post to Twitter
  • Created for those with cocks
  • Free to enroll
  • Course Intensity Rating: 3/5
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