Sissy CEI Training
  • Overview

Soon you will become addicted, corrupt with the explosive arousal of sexual liberation while under the watchful eye of Mistress Sabine. You will long for the sexual salvation she offers, you will crave nothing more than to please her through your actions. The progression of your sissification journey through this course will only be the start. After you graduate you will crave the Mistress’ attention and affections. No one will ever understand or accept your sissy side more than Mistress Sabine. You will become addicted, tread lightly my friend.

This program will teach all sissies the Art of Cum Eating. Through various tasks, you will learn how to harness your most powerful weapon as a sissy and ingest the sweet nectar your beautiful body offers. You will be subjected to mind control using Erotic Hypnosis created by Mistress Sabine along with other arousing techniques learned from Her many years of practice turning slaves into sissies.

You will learn the feminine Art of Cum Eating from Mistress Sabine who has partnered up with Her most prized sissy slave to ensure each task will get you one step closer to the sweet, satisfactory taste that is your sissy cum.

This program is ideal for all sissies who long to master the Art of Cum Eating. Come learn what it means to be part of the girls club. You will build up your confidence as a sissy while Mistress Sabine teaches you how to properly dispose of your cum.

  • Duration

This program is 6 days long and will give you 1interactive task per day (the course will be open to you for 3 weeks to ensure you can complete the course even if you can not engage with it each day). Each task will build upon the previous to ensure you are guided into full sissy submission. You will learn how to build your confidence as a sissy while understanding your submissive side in greater detail.

Each task will focus on the end goal of Cum Eating. You will learn how to savor the sweet release of your nectar while building up the courage to dispose of your cum properly- each and every time you masturbate.

This program will require commitment, time, patience and devotion. This program is designed to guide your sissy surrender and will require daily tasks to be completed and logged in order to move to the next task. Each task will be given through your Slave Account through this website.

  • Cost

The cost of enrollment for this program is free, however, you will be required to make a ‘tip stop’ along the way. This tip stop will be presented to all who enroll and in order to move forward in the course, you will be asked to give a monetary token of your appreciation for the training you are so generously given by the Mistress.

If you expect Mistress Sabine to give you her time and attention, you must be prepared to give something in return. Your financial obligations are based upon your needs, the more time and interactions you desire, the larger the tip you will give. Tip stops will occur once per course and will give you the option to send $0, $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100 to the Mistress.

You will need to purchase a chastity cage, some sissy attire and a dildo/butt plug before you start your first assignment if you do not already own those items. The Mistress sells ‘Sissy Starter Kits’ which are designed for this course. Click here to view the curated Sissy Starter Kit. 

Note: Whatever sissy attire you have is great. Some sissies only have panties and others have full outfits + shoes. Whatever level of attire you like to dress up in is what you should have ready for this program. The chastity cage and dildo/butt plug will be necessary for your assignments but the attire is for your own benefit.

  • Reward

For those who have wanted to engage with their sissy or submissive side but have been mentally repressed, embarrassed or confused about how to engage with their hidden desires will find this program especially rewarding. Mistress Sabine will encourage you to embrace your sissy side while giving you the knowledge you need to become a better sissy.

By the end of this program, you will…

  • Have more confidence as a sissy
  • Master the Art of Cum Eating
  • Learn how to be a more submissive and educated sissy
  • Understand what it means to have an Elite Dominatrix accept your sissy side

  • Details

  • This course has been rated with a 2.5/5 for intensity. It has been given this rating because it will be challenge for those who have yet to experience eating their nectar.
  • After you enroll, you will have 3 weeks to complete the program
  • You may interact with your tasks at any pace that works for you, but tasks will be released 24 hours after the completion of the previous task and build upon each other
  • Tasks are given through your slave account on this site
  • Most tasks will require access to a computer and a device capable of taking photos/videos
  • Open to all sissies around the world
  • Required materials:
    • Dildo/butt plug
    • Chastity cage
    • Sissy attire
  • Think about buying a Sissy Starter Kit from Mistress Sabine. Click here to view it.

Slave Testimonials

Who would have thought that enrolling in Mistress Sabines sissy CEI course would have such a deep impact on me, and the way i see myself as a sissy? From the first moment, i knew that this course was something different. It started with requesting me to expose myself as a sissy, both in pictures and in writing. Doing this made me feel very vulnerable as Mistress Sabine now knew what is going on in this sissy’s brain.

Hypnotherapy is an essential part of this course, and as this sissy has no previous experience with it, it was quite overwhelming to her. This is the point where the sissy had to confess to Mistress Sabine that she was struggling with her therapy. Mistress responded very swiftly and reassured her that everything would be fine and that it was only a matter of time and commitment. i can already tell that Mistress was right. The sissy’s mind is already responding more receptive to the therapy. During the course, i was kept in chastity, which is very frustrating, but also very necessary. That constant reminder of being controlled and owned is a constant reminder about who you are and the purpose of the course.

The chastity remained on at all time except when performing assignments. The assignments combine the gift of pleasure with frustration and humiliation. All building up to the purpose of this course.
To accept and appreciate eating your own cum. This sissy had some issues performing her assignments and again came whining to Mistress. Again Mistress responded swiftly and gave the sissy a gentle push in the right direction. When the big day appeared this sissy did her preparations as instructed by Mistress. Dressed in her finest sissy outfit, butt plug in place, and determined not to let Mistress down. Like every time before, her climax was followed by this aversion of eating cum. This time however this sissy managed to overcome and to submit to Mistress by eating her cum.

This sissy is so proud to have been able to fulfill Mistresses and her own wishes and submitted to her inner sissy.
sissy isabelle is now officially a cumslut, and proud of it. But it would never have been possible without the guidance and support of Mistress Sabine. Thank You, Mistress Sabine, for turning me into a better sissy.

-Sissy belle

i am in the fifth week of a 26-week commitment to Mistress Sabine’s excellent Body Image Training.

This is so much more than having a strict disciplinarian ensure that you go to the gym. Mistress spent time with me before and during the initial weeks of the course getting to know everything about me, my lifestyle, habits and flaws.

i have already lost over 2 kg with Mistress’s guidance and control, but more than that She is working towards making me a better person overall, eradicating my bad habits and actively strengthening my marriage. My wife may not know it, but Mistress Sabine works as if she is a “partner” in my training. She is moulding me into the best i can be for what my wife wants and deserves.

i find Mistress’s style of domination to be caring, supportive, strict and devious. It is perfect for me. Around the third week of my training, i wasn’t really taking it seriously enough and had built up a number of minor infractions. Mistress nipped that in the bud quickly with a series of really hard punishments. It was exactly what i needed and the experience has led me to really work on my obedience.

Thank You, Mistress Sabine.

-sissy jenni

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  • Audio guided
  • Task-oriented
  • 6 sissy assignments
  • Sissies of all levels welcome
  • Chastity cage + buttplug/dildo required or purchase a ‘Sissy Starter Kit’
  • Free to enroll + 1 Tip Stop
  • Course Intensity Rating: 2.5/5
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