Sissy Slut
  • Overview

Prepare for whats to come as you encourage your sissy self to get comfortable while out in the world as you complete various experiences to learn how to become a sissy slut. This course will provide the context for practicing many sissy activities that are all a ‘must’ if you expect yourself to one day fulfill your fantasy of  becoming a slutty gurl and sucking a bulls cock- as any good gurl should do. The Mistress knows you are a cock hungry slut, but can you really say you’re prepared for the day you’re given the opportunity to embrace your cock hungry nature?

Practice makes perfect, especially when a sissy is striving to be her sluttiest self. This online course will prepare the cock obsessed sissy on how she can get accustomed to exploring her sissy side in a more social environment. Through different sissy experiences, you will learn how to fully embrace your sissy side and turn into the slut you have fantasized about for so long.

The assignments and experiences in this course are challenging but, will give you the opportunity needed to build your confidence as a sissy and learn how to achieve your goals. You will gradually take steps out into the world and into public spaces at a pace that fits your sissy style.

Each experience in this course gives you the choice of an ‘optional challenge’ where you can push yourself just a bit further. If you are new to exploring your sissy side this course will give you the context and structure you need to go out with a bit of sissy sass. If you are a veteran sissy gurl you will find the ‘optional challenge’ to be a fun way to explore your sissy side in a more overt manner while challenging yourself.

Practice makes perfect, will you be ready for your first cock sucking experience as a sissy?

  • Duration

This program is open for 5 weeks and has 7 assignments to complete + 1 optional extra credit experience. The course will be open to you for 5 weeks to ensure you can complete the course even if you can not engage with it each day. Each assignment will be an experience that takes you out of your home and into the world as a sissy at whatever level of sissification you are comfortable with.

This course will need some planning if you live with others or need to carve out some privacy. If you’re in the sissy closet you can still complete this course with success. Do not fear, the Mistress knows many sissies do not have the luxury of complete privacy or a partner who knows your hidden desires. All required experiences will have that element in mind. If you are an out sissy or live alone, you will be able to complete this course too.

This program will require commitment, time, patience and devotion. This program is designed to guide your sissy surrender and will require public experiences to be completed and logged in order to move to the next task. Each experience will be given through your Slave Account on this website.

  • Cost

The cost of enrollment for this program is free. After you enroll using the form below, you will be given instant access to the course.

This course is designed to have you engage in sissy activities and experiences. This means you will be given experiences out in the world that cost money to complete. You will be in full control of how much you spend outside of the course completing your experiences. This course is not meant to bankrupt you by purchasing tons of items, but it will give you the opportunity to have sissy experiences which may cost a bit of money. The required experiences should be seen as an investment in your sissy self, the money you spend on pampering your sissy side is your submissive investment.

  • Reward

By the end of this program, you will…

  • Turn into a sissy slut
  • Be prepared for the day you are given the opportunity to submit and suck a bulls cock
  • Have a better context of what experiences a sissy needs to be a good, slutty gurl
  • Have more confidence as a sissy
  • Feel more comfortable as a sissy in social situations
  • Learn how to be a more submissive and educated sissy
  • Understand what it means to have an Elite Dominatrix accept your sissy side

  • Details

  • This course has been rated with a 4/5 for intensity. It has been given this rating because it requires activities that are outside of the home to occur. It also will require more planning for tasks to be completed, cost some money to complete some tasks and will require more interaction with one’s sissy side while out in public.
  • After you enroll, you will have 5 weeks to complete the program
  • You may interact with your assignments at any pace that works for you, but assignments will be released 48 hours after the completion of the previous experience and build upon each other
  • Experiences are given through your slave account on this site
  • Most experiences will require access to a computer and a device capable of taking photos/videos
  • Open to all sissies around the world
  • Required materials:
    • Sissy Panties
    • A few of your favorite sissy items that you already own
    • Access to a sex shop
    • Access to a gym or fitness class
    • Access to a mall
    • Access to safe space to walk

Slave Testimonials

Went in as a beta testing sissy boi and came out a complete slut. Really great course if you want to practice being a sissy boi out in public. Going to the workout class was the best task in my opinion because the women all around me were a turn on and inspirational for me to be a better sissy. Totally worth it and helped my develop my sissy side soooo much more. Thank you Mistress Sabine St Jack

This is a new course…

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  • Audio guided
  • Task-oriented
  • 7 sissy assignments
  • Sissies of all levels welcome
  • Tasks which get you out in the world through various experiences
  • Free to enroll
  • Course Intensity Rating: 4/5
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