Total Power Exchange
  • Overview

Are you a slutty sissy who has longed to be feminized and forced to suck cock for your Mistress’ pleasure? Are you a submissive who needs to relinquish control and do everything your Mistress commands? Are you a slave who needs to be under the strict regime of a Mistress who will teach you, punish you, give you pleasure and torment your body for her amusement? If you identified with any of those questions, TPE is for you.

Total Power Exchange will provide you the platform to give absolute control of your life, kinky fantasies and submission and to the Mistress. This online program is designed for those who need to feel the total control of Mistress Sabine’s Domination in exchange for complete submissive surrender. For those interested in Total Power Exchange, the Mistress’s word is law! All decisions are made by the Mistress and will be the absolute guiding principles as it relates to your submission. Mistress Sabine will assume complete and total control over you as a sub, slave, sissy, kinkster, fetishist or other bottom.

Submissives who wish to enroll in TPE online with Mistress Sabine do so because they wish to have the Mistress guide their submissive growth, be beholden to the Mistress, wish to be punished for their disobedient actions, feel a level of accountability or for a variety of other reasons. The underlying needs of a submissive who enrolls in this program can vary from person to person.

As a submissive, you will give over the control of your life to the Mistress. Relinquishing your freedom will enable your submissive growth while submitting to the Domination and guiding rule of the Mistress. Your life will finally have purpose as the Mistress takes charge of your submission. She will take great pleasure in controlling your life, your mind, and your growth. For those who disobey the Mistress, self-inflicted BDSM related punishments will be mandatory.

Only the most genuine and honest of subs are selected to serve. This coveted role is reserved for only a few slaves at any one time.

*TPE is for those who fundamentally need to relinquish control to Mistress Sabine. They accept that their reality and freedoms will all be directed by the Mistress.

  • Duration

The duration of your time with the Mistress will depend on your needs and your finances. TPE with Mistress Sabine can last from 1 week to 6 months with the option of renewal.

This program will require commitment, time, patience and devotion and is designed to force your surrender. Those who cannot uphold their financial obligations will be dismissed and interactions will cease. In this program, your communication and interactions with Mistress Sabine will be substantial to ensure you completely understand her word is law.

After the completion of your TPE journey, if you and the Mistress wish to renew your experience, you may. You can also then apply to become her owned Online Slave.

  • Cost

Weekly payments are required if your application is accepted. An application fee of $10 is required, all other payments will only be made if you are accepted to engage in a Total Power Exchange with the Mistress.

If you expect Mistress Sabine to give you Her time and attention, you must be prepared to compensate Her. Your financial obligations are based upon your needs, the more time and interactions you desire, the higher the price. You will be expected to submit financially, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Those who do best in this program are the ones who understand the Mistress’s time is valuable and that the time and energy She extends to you should be well recognized.

When filling out your application form below, an equation is used to determine your weekly costs. For those who are accepted, payments will be sent every Sunday. If you forget to pay, you will not receive the Mistress’s attention and you will be dismissed without warning, additionally, you will be held accountable for your position as a slave. During your application process, you will select collateral to ensure you’ll always try your hardest in this program. Your collateral will be unique to you but will fall into one of the following categories:

  • Exposure collateral
  • Monetary escrow
  • Blacklisted
  • No collateral needed

Definitions can be found in the application form when you select your desired collateral.

All interactions with the Mistress will be dependant on your Sunday payment. Because the Mistress accepts Credit Cards and a wide array of payments, those who feel the need to badger the Mistress with excuses for not paying will be dismissed.

  • Reward

For the lucky few who are permitted to engage in a Total Power Exchange with Mistress Sabine, they will gain the opportunity to apply for the coveted position of owned Online Slave. In addition, by the end of this program…

  • You will better understand yourself and your submission
  • You will better understand what it means to give total control and power to your Mistress
  • You will gain the opportunity to be Mistress Sabine’s owned slave
  • You will better your life through your accomplishments while under TPE with the Mistress

  • Details

  • Your $10 application fee will not count towards your weekly payments
  • TPE is completely customized for each slave enrolled and curated by the Mistress
  • You will have a direct line to the Mistress as she controls your submission through KIK + Emails
  • You may remain anonymous for the duration of this course
  • The Mistress reserves the right to terminate your interactions if you prove yourself insubordinate or for any other reason she sees fit. So long as you understand her word is law, you will continue interacting with the Mistress
  • Hard/soft limits must be disclosed in the application form below. If you fail to include a hard/soft limit, you are not providing a safe arena for TPE
  • All payments are due every Sunday before 11:59 am (Pacific Time). If you fail to pay, you will no longer have the luxury of interacting with the Mistress and your unique collateral will be held against you
  • Payments can be made using a CC, Debit card, Amazon gift card (except in the instance of the ‘Monetary Escrow’ collateral.

Slave Testimonials

Mistress Sabine is incredible. I selected 1 week of training with 3 interactions, all of which I wanted to be interactions with the Mistress. I really wanted to be used by the Mistress and for her to take away any choices I had in my life. She did just that. Since I’m really into humiliation and objectification I felt like this was a perfect way to please Her, I gave up my will power and was properly used like the toy I’ve always wanted to be in my fantasies. I didn’t want my tasks to be published to Twitter since this was the first time I’d done anything like this before, but the stuff I was forced to do would only be better and more humiliating if I had selected to use Twitter. Mistress Sabine has taken the idea of serving a Mistress online and really made it into the most arousing, scary and exhilarating experience I could imagine. The amount of Domination and control she had over me was so arousing. It wasn’t the tasks she had me do that got me off, but the way she manipulated me fucked with my head was mind-blowing. There’s a level of expertise she has that penetrates your mind, I mean anyone can give out tasks but it takes talent to fuck with someone’s head while arousing them too.

I opted in for monetary escrow because the idea of giving her money for my failures is arousing. The collateral kept me in line and the interactions with her kept me aroused. I will be signing up again!

-slave vertigo (Banker from New York)

My submission has never been a part of my daily life. I wanted to surrender myself for so long but between the wife, kids and my job I haven’t been allowed the time to dive in. Before I met Mistress Sabine I am embarrassed to say I had no idea about the depth of my submission. Through her guidance I now know I enjoy a long list of kinks and activities, there are things I have fantasied about doing for so long and can now say I’ve done them.

My TPE experience was heavy on the tasks and centered around my list of kinks I enjoy most. It was nice to develop my list while further exploring my favorite kinks. I felt there was a nice balance between pushing me and arousing me. I gave Mistress Sabine full authority to challenge me through mental tasks and physical tasks she did just that. He attention to detail was incredible! I can feel myself turn red writing this just thinking about the things she was able to get me to do.

Overall I had a lot of fun, felt a total loss of control and was always impressed by the creativity of the tasks I was completing. It really felt like being at Disneyland but for my specific kinks and likes, once finances permit, ill be re-applying for 2 months.

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  • Open to all genders
  • Weekly payments required
  • Open to slave all around the Globe
  • Online one on one contact with the Mistress
  • A completely tailored journey depending on your needs
  • Only a small group of subs are selected to serve at any one time
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