Chloe’s official title is “assistant to the Mistress”

Chloe came to Me a few years ago as a meek little submissive who was unable to follow protocols, show Me respect and lost My interest very quickly. Her redemption came slowly but, over the years she has learned how to be My perfect pet.

Today Chloe works as My assistant, taking care of redundant emails and frivolous inquires- tasks I neither enjoy or feel the urge to do. Many time wasters think they can get My attention by writing Me inappropriate emails and begging for My time. What they fail to understand is, unless you communicate through My little pet, you don’t have a chance of getting My affection in that manner. I have found Chloe to be a very effective method of weeding out the time wasters who yearn for My attention for free. Men who think they can have a direct line to Me are sorely misguided. All those who see or communicate with Me must earn that right.

I have trained Chloe for three years and have molded her into the perfect assistant and fetish model. When Chloe is a good pet, she is rewarded with a photo shoot of us together. Our photos have always been private and something shared between us, but My little Chloe has been such a good submissive that she is now rewarded with the public recognition of being owned by Me.

Training Chloe has evolved over the years and has given Me ample opportunity to perfect my slave training skills. All the skills, techniques, tasks and subtleties of training little Chloe have culminated into one grand slave-training academy, St. Jacks Reformatory for Wayward boys. St. Jacks Reformatory uses many of the same tasks and techniques I have used on Chloe and other slaves to ensure they are molded into the finest submissive’s around.

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